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Meet the Artist

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Samantha aka Lotus with her two shelties, Cosmell and Cashew


Hello! My name is Samantha but I commonly go by Lotus and Cosmell online.

I'm 23, and I have been making costumes since I was 12. I currently work fulltime as a costume designer, artist, and business owner.

CosmellCosplay has been creating original artwork since 2019 and strives to continue to improve.  Find me in person at convention dealers dens or running around in fursuit!

My two dogs, Cosmell and Cashew, are my main inspiration and are the 'CEOs' behind my company.
(Cosmell is 14.5 and Cashew is 3)

Let’s Work Together

PO Box 970034

Ypsilanti, MI 48197

Telegram: @cosmellcosplay

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