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Convention Applications

Hello! Thank you so much for considering me for your dealers den or artists alley. I have been making fursuits since 2012 and I have been a full time artist since 2018! I invite you to 'meet the artist' here!


My merchandise can be found here! I plan on expanding my lines of merch to include tshirts and more hats as well!


My art gallery can be found here!

My past dealing conventions are: MFF 2021, AQF 2021, Youmacon 2021, and MCFC 2021 artists alley, MCFC 2022, FWA 2022, Anthrohio 2022, Anthrocon 2022, Megaplex 2022, IFC 2022, AQF 2022, Youmacon 2022, MFF 2022, ANW 2023,  Ohayocon 2023, Zipcon 2023, FE 2023- and more!

Past Tables

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