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Terms of Service

Please read fully before asking questions.


I take commissions for nearly any art project, so if you see me make it, we can probably take a commission for it! Always feel free to message me on Telegram or Email! I love taking commissions for complex projects and no dream is too big! Alongside costume commissions I also take tattoo art commissions and many forms of digital and traditional artwork, and photography sessions!

Check for commission openings of all kinds on my Commissions Page! Commissions over $150 will require proof of ID.

I do take NSFW and 18+ commissions, but you must inquire via Email with proof of ID!


Upon commission approval of a commission you will be required to pay 50% of the commission price within 48 hours of acceptance, this is non-refundable. All payments must be completed before any work is to be done on the costume or artwork.

Payment plans are not favored, this may impact slot acceptance, however there are a few available options. Payment plans are not available for commissions under $100. For ALL commissions payments must be larger than 25% of the remaining price (after downpayment), and must be fully paid within 4 months. I am not responsible for any lost or late payments. There is a non-refundable $20 fee for any late payments.

Prices are subject to change and will be finalized once your commission has been accepted. Tax is not included in quotes. To calculate the price of your commission with taxes multiply your quoted total by .06 ( $100 x .06 = $106, the true price of your commission).

 CosmellCosplay currently accepts payments through wix invoices (preferred) , Paypal, and money order/ check. There is an extra $20 fee per check. You will be required to sign a customer contract via Google Docs before payment. Google Doc forms must be filled out when applying for a commission slot. The form can be found on my Commissions page, and is only open a few times a year.

It is important you are serious when commissioning CosmellCosplay. 

Concept Art

I will make the suit based on the reference sheet provided at the beginning of the commission process. A two sided minimum FURSUIT reference sheet is required unless the commission is artistic liberty. Additional ref sheets may be requested before costume work can begin. Design changes once the commission has begun may not be able to be completed.  I will edit final designs that have errors that were our fault. I will not fix final product errors because of a ref sheet being vague/incorrect.

I do take ref sheet commissions for those without a ref sheet. Please visit my Art commissions form on my Commissions Page.


There is no true deadline for commissions, only estimates. I will try to estimate your completion date, and update you if any changes occur. Some things can push completion dates back and instead of rushing and possibly producing something not of my best work would not be ok. Patience is appreciated as I am also a full time college student.


Anything agreed upon by both parties in writing, including email, social media, or text, is a binding agreement. By accepting a commission from CosmellCosplay you agree to all terms of service. The terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

CosmellCosplay is not liable for any injury sustained while wearing our costumes. Wear them with precaution and put your health before looks!

Refusals, Refunds, and Cancellations

I am allowed to decline any commission for ANY reason including but not limited to: personal illness, family issues, closed commissions, or inappropriate behavior.  I am allowed to cancel a commission at any point or time if I feel uncomfortable or harassed by a commissioner. If a commissioner wishes to cancel a commission the down payment ( 50% of the commission) may not be refunded depending on the status of the commission. If you are given a refund, you do NOT have rights to any of the work done on the commission. I have the rights to re-purpose the commission. Refunds and Cancellations may not be approved depending on the status of the commission. I will not give out refunds due to a commissioner's failure to manage their personal situations and financial status.

Please contact CosmellCosplay before canceling a commission, we can discuss the topic and find the best possible outcome. If a chargeback is made without contact legal action and public posts may be made to warn other artists. If a chargeback is made on a commission I hold the right to edit and resell it. Fursuit chargebacks will result in a permanent ban and possible legal action depending on the state of the commission and whether it has been shipped or not. I hold the right to lightly edit and resell canceled costumes.

Returns and Copyright

There are no returns on custom made items. There are no returns available for artwork and custom/handmade items sold in my shop. Copyright states that it is illegal to share digital items without proper purchase. Everything listed within my shop and website belongs to me and may not be distributed. All images taken of my artwork belong to me. I hold the right to publish all of my works to social media and use them for my own use. Private/non public commissions may result in an extra fee. You may not share or spread ANY or my PDFs. You may not use the items in my shop to create your own molds for personal use or sale.

When commissioning CosmellCosplay you agree that you own the rights to the design you are commissioning. CosmellCosplay is not liable for any character copyright claims and all issues are to be directed towards the commissioner. 

Remember to always credit me when using digital AND physical purchases. Credit statement: "Credit for ____ goes to Cosmell from".


Shipping is not included in the price of a commission. The payment for shipping must be sent once the commission is completed. I am not responsible for loss or damage, such as water or weathering, for any commission in transit. I usually ship through USPS and require a signature upon delivery. Priority shipping is available but comes at a higher price. If a package is returned to me due to incorrect shipping address provided by the buyer, the buyer will be required to pay the amount to ship the product again.

Sizing and Measurements

With all fullsuit commissions, I require a duct tape dummy to be sent in. The better the duct tape dummy the better the suit will fit! Please cut clean seams down your duct tape dummy for accurate measurements.

I am not responsible for the suit not fitting if you gain or lose weight after sending in the duct tape dummy. I recommend wearing a thin painters suit for easy access making your duct tape dummy. Depending on your commission I will require certain measurements to be sent in. The price of items such as slip on shoes, and duct tape dummies are not estimated within costume prices. To ensure an accurate fit these items are requested to be sent in by the commissioner.

DTD's should fully cover the neck, go around the hands (think of a shirt that has thumb holes), and cover the majority of your feet (mainly the bottoms/heels to guarantee leg length). For questions please ask via Telegram or Email.


All work comes with a 30-day warranty on the day the item was received. Alteration not made or suggested by CosmellCosplay voids the warranty. Warranty covers defects of material and construction. Normal wear and tear are not covered by the warranty. If a suit is sent back to me dirty, there will be a cleaning fee. Washing a suit voids the warranty, suits can be easily ruined in the washing machine.

Refer to the costume care page before washing. Please do not commission another artist to edit my works, I ask that you contact me first.


Spaces may be in queue for Patreon cosplays with convention deadlines. There are no payment options to skip the queue. If someone drops out of queue or is removed the person behind them will be moved up in line. Costumes may be worked on at the same time.

Work can be found on my Trello.

CosmellCosplay can be reached via Email: @ , Telegram: @cosmellcosplay

And various social medias (Twitter, Instagram) @cosmellcosplay . Commissions will only be handled through Email and Telegram.

When a commissioner goes MIA for 3 months, after CosmellCosplay has reached out multiple times, the commission will be removed from queue. Prices may increase durring this time.

Thank you for reading our Terms of Service

*I do not take commissions from minors under the age of 18. I do not work with parents.

*Proof of government ID is required to commission.

*All prices are in USD

*I have pets who may come in contact with art.


You will be required to submit a reference sheet to my google form.


If you are accepted you will be sent an email which will include a quote and acceptance form.


If you accept the quote you will be required to pay a 50% of your commission within 24 hours.

Commission Start

Once your place in queue has been reached work on your commission will begin.

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