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This price guide will help you figure out the general cost of your commission. Detailed quotes are given a couple times a year to interested customers. Commission and quote openings will be announced on social media and via my email list! View my past custom projects HERE

Prices are in USD and do not include tax or shipping costs.


If you are interested in a more accurate quote you can check out my quote builder HERE. The calculator is not perfect, but it will help get a more accurate estimate. I suggest saving up to $500 more than your estimate to make sure you are ready to start the commission process.


I am always interested in making a new fun and interesting design/species. Feel free to reach out with any additional questions.

Fursuit Heads

Starting Price: $3000+ USD

  • Includes:

    • Fully lined head, performance fabric

    • Hand painted 3D eyes

    • Detailed plush nose

    • 3D printed eyes and teeth

    • Magnetic Fan

  • Additional Options:​

    • Magnetic parts

    • Magnetic eyelids 

    • Kemono style

    • Realistic style

  • Not seeing what you're looking for? Please ask.

Partial Fursuit

Starting Price: $4500+ USD

  • Includes:​

    • Detailed head

    • Lined hand paws

    • Tail

  • Additional Options:​​​​

    • Feet Paws

    • Digi Feet Paws

    • Arm sleeves 

    • Back Wings 

    • Arm Wings 

  • Not seeing what you're looking for? Please ask.


Starting Price: $5500+ USD

  • Includes:​

    • Detailed Head

    • Lined Hand Paws

    • Tail

    • Digi Zipper Attached Feetpaws

    • Built in Zipper Leg Padding

  • Additional Options:​

    • Plantigrade Legs / No Padding

    • Back Wings

    • Arm Wings

    • Extra Padding

  • Not seeing what you're looking for? Please ask!

  • Details

    • Fully lined head, feet, and hands

    • Machine washable paws/body

    • Removeable stuffing pockets

    • Zipper attached tail/feet

    • Detailed nose and mouth

    • Fully sewn/no glued seams

    • Hand painted details

    • Custom species design

    • Custom printed CosmellCosplay fabric

    • L/R tags in hands/feet

    • Battery pouch and magnetic fans

    • Magnetic eyelids and parts

    • Machine sewn / finished body seams

    • No raw edges

    • Bias tape bodysuit zipper


A closer look into the handmade details

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