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These fursuit sprays are used to sanitize and refresh your suit with a new smell!

Small 2oz Medium 4oz

To use fursuit spray, spray it on your suit after or between wears. It does not have to be washed out and will help keep your suit smelling nice! 

The scents are as follows:

Raspberry- fruity and sweet

Cotton Candy- sweet and sugary

Dragons Blood- incense and renaissance festival, orange and cinnamon
Paradise- pina colada and fun on the beach

Forest Fresh- eucalyptus and forest scents

Lavender- sweet and fresh

Cucumber Melon- light and crisp, hints of cucumber and fresh melon

Dark Musk- cologne and ember

Summer Vacation- ocean breeze

Clean Cotton- light subtle smell, fresh laundry

Lemon Bar- sweet pastry, sugary

Ripe Berry- sweet and floral, dragonfruit


Rubbing Alcohol




*test before spraying on air brush or marker details as the alcohol may cause the paint to run*


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