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These hoof blanks are used to make hoof shoes for costumes and cosplays. The last photo shown showcases a finished pair of hooves.

Deer Hooves photo 1
Horse Hooves photo 2

Non Slip Bottoms can be seen in the last slide, these assure that you wont slide when walking on slick surfaces.
I recommend attaching a pair of highheels with the heel cut off! 

Space available on heel for shoe: ~5inches

The hooves may come in a variety of colors but they are made to be painted! The color of the hooves you receive does not affect the finished product.

Around 2lbs, 1lb each, but they feel very sturdy and comfortable to walk in! The resin even gives them a realistic hoof 'clack' effect.

-You are not allowed to use my items to create molds for your own use-

Hoof Shoe Blanks | Resin Hoof

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