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Costume Care

How to clean, store, and repair your CosmellCosplay fursuit

 Its Important to do regular maintenance on your suit to extend its "life" and keep it looking brand new.


Fursuits are very delicate and should cleaned gently and fully dried.

Important Tips

Fursuits can NOT go in the dryer and should NOT be washed with hot water.

Heads will need to be cleaned less than bodysuits as heads are the most delicate part of the costume.

Over cleaning a fursuit can shorten it's lifespan.  Do not wash it too often!

Suits should be stored in a cool dry place, not left in a hot car, cramped in a box, or exposed to the elements/pets. Make sure that suits are not cramped to avoid fur crimping.

Fursuits should be cleaned before long term storage.

Make sure that your fursuit does not stretch out if left on a hanger for a long period of time.

What to Wear


When fursuiting I recommend wearing performance clothing (leggings and full length shirts) to help keep you cool and wick sweat. Always wear a balaclava when suiting to help keep sweat off your fursuit head. 

Always make sure to have multiple changes of suiting clothes for a convention to keep your fursuit as fresh as possible.

Using fursuit sprays can greatly impact how clean your suit stays. I recommend using fursuit spray before and after each outing to keep you smelling good and kill off sweat germs.

When finished suiting make sure to dry your suit out completely and avoid storing it before it is cleaned.


Repair & Care

Please refer to my fursuit guide for cleaning and repair instructions! Please note these specific instructions only apply to CosmellCosplay suits. Reach out with any further questions!

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