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  • What does your commission timeframe look like?
    When commissioning me the majority of your wait time will be in my queue while I work on other costumes. I tend to work fairly quickly so once you are up your suit will be done in no time. I open my queue twice a year, and clear my queue between each opening. Without any unforeseen circumstances the longest you should be waiting is 6-8 months.
  • How can I pay?
    Payments can be made multiple ways, but all digital payments will be processed via invoices. The invoices will be sent to your email, and can be paid there. Credit/Debit Card: Payment made via Invoice Zelle: Direct bank deposit Check/Money Order: Mailed to me Cash: Payment available in person only Affirm: Credit line
  • How long is your queue?
    When opening my queue I only take on 3-5 projects at a time, and generally plan to finish them within a 6-8 month timeframe. My queue is always public, and can be seen on my Trello. I always make sure to complete all costumes in my queue before accepting more commissions.
  • Can I commission you if I am under 18 years old?
    Short answer, no. We do not accept commissions from minors, nor do we work with parents. If you are currently under 18 and would like to someday commission a CosmellCosplay fursuit we suggest you start saving and plan for the future!
  • Do you work around pets?
    Yes! We have 2 adorable Shetland sheepdogs, Cosmell and Cashew, who may come in contact with the suits.
  • What if my design is complex/unique?
    I absolutely love to work on a new, possibly challenging, design! It makes my work very fun to be able to challenge my artistic skill and get to make something unique. I am open to nearly every species and design, permitting that it is within your budget! Please reach out with all of your crazy questions, and I can see what I can bring to life!
  • Indoor vs Outdoor paws?
    Indoor paws are made with soft fabric bottoms and are preferred for photos/light wear! They can stain easily and are not made for concrete/dirty surfaces. Outdoor slippers can be easily made to cover indoor paws. Outdoor paws are made with foam bottoms that are semi water resistant and wash off easily. I also offer Velcro fursuit feet that have interchangeable indoor and outdoor pawpads!
  • How long will my suit take to craft?
    Crafting time varies greatly on my convention schedule and what your commission looks like! A partial can be made in roughly 1-2 weeks of solid work, and a fullsuit can be made in roughly 1 month.
  • What are your head bases made out of?
    My fursuit heads are foam casted! They are hollowed out to be as light weight as possible and feature a bucket made out of upholstery foam. They are durable and made to last!

Frequently Asked Questions

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