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Fursuit Portfolio

A collection of all of the fursuits we have made, categorized by year


Painted Pony Collage- 2024
Liam Collage -2024
Beach Babe Collage- 2024
Shaz Collage 2024


Pink and Purple Puppy Collage- 2023
Trench Collage- 2023
Mutz Collage- 23
Cosmell Head Collage- 23
Sizzle Collage- 23
Forest Puppy Collage- 23
Dino Dog Collage- 23
Kiji Collage - 23
Toxic Puppy Collage - 23
River collage-23
Beagle collage-23


Krispy collage- 22
Maned Wolf collage- 22
Devil Dobie-22
Cutlass collage-22
Husky collage 22
WonderBread collage 22
Dingo Dog Collage-22
Kemono Fox Collage-22
Castello collage- 22
Highland Cow collage- 22
Tayter collage- 22
Sparkle Puppy collage-22


pastel puppy collage- 21
Yuko collage- 21
strawberry collage 21
Ruby collage-21
Duskaryis collage-21
Leaf collage- 21
Lotus collage- 21
Takano collage-21
Crystal Collage-21


Zephyrr collage-20
Ben collage-20
rezi collage-20
shea collage-20


Yuko Collage-19
Tumult Collage
Macaw Hands collage-19
Macaw collage-19
Ring collage-19
scar collage-18
kristy collage
powerplug Collage-16
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