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Chonky Honky Tee | Goose Furry T-Shirt

Chonky Honky Tee | Goose Furry T-Shirt


HONK! Chonky Honky is an adorably round canadian goose who is now being featured on a graphic tshirt! 

The shirts are made to last, using a local screen printing service each color will be printed on with care! The teeshirts are high quality and soft, made by Bella and Canvas! 4X and 5X shirts are being printed on M&O Tshirts, as Bella and Canvas does not have those sizes, but are still nice and soft!

Sizes range from S-5XL! If you need a size outside this range, please reach out @ !

These are machine washable, I suggest turning them inside out before washing to help protect the artwork!

  • Clothing Care

    To Wash:
    I suggest flipping your apparel inside out, to protect the screen printed design, when washing. It can go in your washing machine but I suggest a gentle cycle with mild detergent to make your clothing last!

    Hang or gently fold, avoid shap creases for an extended time in the design as it may damage it.

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